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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dana Peniata-Park Facebook

I have found face book as a great site, it connects us with each other who we didn't realized we had, like reading others stories and their part of the world.
I took a very good liking to what Linnie Applequist had to say about What makes us the happiest? reading the feed back from FB friends made life's drama easier in ways I didn't think of before.
Yet we find in so many ways enduring everyday life.  Reading about old places Redondo Beach I last remember it. I wish I could be their every time old friends of mine from younger or school days got together. I just wish I could be closer to attend.  Yet I have a wonderful life here and each day brings me even more so to my Happiest.

FaceBook is a great social network which back in the 70's we would of never guess we could experience.  I must be old but I feel wonderful.  Please come find us on Face Book you well enjoy and I would love to share your world with mine.  
Dana Peniata-Park

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Mama......

Trying to find a song about my Mom I can't just pick one, Their are so many songs I use to hear her sing and dance around the house. Back in the late 60-70's you can Imagine all the songs that came across us in those years. Seems like music was a fashion in all ways.

Mom had a white Corviar car and 'boy' did we drive it every where. There was a gas station on PCH, how my mom would Say 50 cents worth! Wow Huh.
I enjoyed listing to the radio stations playing Brenda Lee which was one of her favorites.

Mom always had a sass about herself. I truly loved how she carried herself. She even shown me and my sister Vicky how to do the Locomotion. That was a mom and a girlfriend back then. How we always played songs on our 45's record player..Mom was a Pretty Woman I loved her so.

She was Not a PTA Mom.
Mom didn't take to well when the teachers treated her kids unfair, regardless she always stood behind us.  Heck she taught me how to defend my kids when they too where young. And Oh did I..

Through the years she shared many things and memories in her life. The years being young, a Mom to us all.  How often I called on her for the many questions and emotions I experience. How she was always there.

I use to hear mom sing many songs, It will take much more time then now to share.

I love you Mama, I well never stop missing you and your will always be Unforgettable.

A girlfriend gave me a engraved poem when my mom passed:

If I had just one wish,
It would be for a stairway,
That Reached up to Heaven,
So I could bring you Home..