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Friday, October 29, 2010

Annie Taylor

 While searching for Wall Art I found Ms. Annie Taylor painting, All I can say she has has taken landscaping to a whole new level in contrast and in color.  I am very honored to share her site and blog with you allI only have a few of her painting to show on this blog, venture to her website and you will be amazed of the work she has to show. Here is a brief description of her self I find expresses her work.
 I am a landscape painter. I work in oils and am lucky enough to have studios in both the French Pyrenees and the West of England. My work is an extension of my love of the countryside and the peace it brings me. I am also intrigued by the patterns in nature and with two very different landscapes to work with I have a lot of interesting challenges when I face the blank canvas.

Johnathan Harris

When I arrive at work and find emails from websites I follow in the Arts, I have to say I get pretty excited. Its viewing new work from the many I follow. 

My position at work is to view Wall Art I never thought it would pull that old passion I once had back out so strongly.  My kids are raised and well on to their own career and life dream, I can pickup what I put aside being a mother, and focus on being more me.  
Please let me share who helped me find my colors again. Johnanthan Harris view his new work also on his blog.

  Mr Harris has shown me the colors I never thought of until I seen his work.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

David Merrill

While searching for wall art, I found myself reading in details of this one great artist,David Merrill, who after reading on learning he had passed away and wish I could express my words on how lovely his paintings. While reading his obituary he himself written:
Along with my diagnosis I was advised that many people in my situation quit their jobs and travel. I love my job and I’ve seen much of the world. I chose to keep painting and keep my gallery open as long as possible. I hope I can honor him and share this part of his world.
A Park City Park

Lambs Canyon

Mt Moran

Winter Tranquility

Deer Valley Aspen

Through the light

October Aspen

Red Rock
Deer Valley Aspen
I was once told that Artist have deep and great emotions and sometimes considered to be crazy. I want to say I fall in that group. I feel compassion for each person who has given us more then they really knew a part of their colors and deep tones with so much passion that only he was able to see yet given it to us.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finding Art

 Forest Landscape with River signed By Peder Monsted in 1899. Peder Monsted 1859-1941 is a brilliant painter when viewing the details of his work. This is being auctioned at Christie at far $47,971.00. Wow'

 I love my job viewing Art. The many Artist and their great work.  My favorite is landscaping and seeing the way many view in their mind and heart. How they bring out the colors of trees, sky's, fields and the wind.

I always had the desire to paint but often failed to adventure in the field, though I often sketched but didn't let it take me any further, took some course in architectural in homes and floor plans.  But it really didn't fill that void in my dream of expressing myself.  I knew all this time my passion is painting and bringing color to a canvas expressing my soul.  I have often used the internet to learn more details on color, the right oils and paint to use on such projects.  I found this site for a great information on Landscaping.

   I have found some really great art work by many Utahan if you care to view. I found several I enjoyed.

Suzanna Kanz

Bonnie Cook

Jonhathan Harris
Each time I am viewing painting in all objects makes me want to start a new canvas, I will continue to paint, I don't know if I will be as great, but the passion will always be their. I have my painting scattered around the house, Its really neat when someone comes over and asked wow that's really nice/cool neat, where did you get that.  They are always shocked.  My Art Gallery.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Georgia O'Keeffe

I remember the most when I actually watch her bio on TV many years back. I know TV can make a strong image and can play more then it really is on a person. I found myself wrapped into her film, and had the desire to know more and more. Most Artist are very personal, and finding books and article on her life it all resulted the same, she loved so much a man and yet their rocky relationship was heavy and the weight really put hardship on believing in one self. Human behavior can bring so much emotions we are not prepared for reactions.

Georgia O'Keeffe was a famous artist. Georgia was born on November 15, 1887 in a farmhouse in Sun Prairie on a dairy. When Georgia was young she wanted to be an artist. When Georgia was alive (in the 1900's) very few women were professional artists. In 1902, her parents moved to Virginia and in 1903, Georgia and her sisters and brothers went to Virginia.

At the age of 16 Georgia had private art lessons. Georgia went to New York to study art. She did very well when she studied. She got her diploma in 1905. In 1907 she got a letter to come to New York. Her dad could not pay anymore for her classes in art so she had to go to Chicago to be a commercial artist and live with her aunt in 1908.

In Chicago she did not have time to paint there, so she was angry. She got ill in Chicago, so she went back to live with her family in 1909. When she was home she had time to paint again. One day, Georgia got a letter saying that she could teach painting in Amarillo.

Georgia had a friend named Anna Pollitzer. In 1916 Georgia sent a few drawing to Anna and told not to show anyone. Her friend thought the pictures were so good that she took them to a famous photographer. He liked them a lot so he hung them in his gallery. It was difficult for Georgia to work in a man's dominated world.

In 1917 she got ill and gave up her job teaching. An artist named Stieglitz asked Georgia to marry him and she decided to. Georgia O'Keeffe became well known for large paintings of flowers and the desert. Until she died at the age of 98, she was still painting.

If you like to read more on Mrs. O'Keeffe their are many sites dedicated on her work, her life and her home. @ Women in History.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kurt Shaffer

I would like to introduce a fine Photographer who in many words finds the fine touches we seldom see in photos. 
        Please enjoy the many things Kurt Shaffer brings to life.

It has been over 30 years since my father gave me my first camera.  Thinking back, I guess he probably felt that he would rather I broke my camera than his!  I immediately became obsessed with photography and the world it opened up to me.

Growing up I experienced living in different parts of the United States.  The west coast, the mid-west and now northeast Ohio.  I even spent two years in Hawaii during my tour of duty with the U.S. Navy.  And of course, the end result of moving around the country gave me a broader perspective on the world - one that is open to new things - especially the natural world.  I have always felt best outside, walking with my dad through natural settings.  And this was further encouraged through my involvement in Scouting.  

It all has given me a real appreciation of nature.  And being so sensitive to nature, I naturally react the same with people and animals.  I've always had pets of one kind or another, from all kinds of reptiles in high school (yes, snakes!) to dogs, cats, horses and birds!  So capturing the "natural you" comes naturally to me and is imperative, whether through a portrait or in a candid moment.

Since those early years, photography has become an extension of my personality.  I live and breathe it - it is what makes me happy! Today, I believe that photography has given me a true understanding of the power and vulnerability of nature in its purest form.  As I capture images that inspire and educate, my photography seems more important to me now than ever!
 My current home for the past 28+ years is beautiful Cleveland, Ohio.  Ohio and Lake Erie have some of the most beautiful landscapes, sunsets, springs, summers, autumns and winters as anywhere!  But don't take my word for it, check out the photos on this site!  

It all has given me a real appreciation of nature.  And being so sensitive to nature, I naturally react the same with people and animals.  I've always had pets of one kind or another, from all kinds of reptiles in high school (yes, snakes!) to dogs, cats, horses and birds!  So capturing the "natural you" comes naturally to me and is imperative, whether through a portrait or in a candid moment.  
Blessings upon you and this beautiful earth,

Many contemporary homes are decorated with photography, yet photography isn't strictly for the modern home. With the variety of subjects covered by photography, you can decorate any room in your home or office.