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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Randy Ruby

Randy Ruby

His way to make us miss the beach the ocean.  Randy your photos can give me a sound of the waves often.   Growing up in Redondo Beach, Calif.  Is my great memories of home.

Hope you will take time to check out his website. You will not be disappointed.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fine Art SLC, Utah


Summer 2011.
Touring downtown SLC Art Galleries.  Such great work and imagination from our Utah artist.

Viewing the fine details and creative imagines they can bring to life is a master of their very own.  The rich colors the strokes of oils, acrylic and water colors they show on canvas. 

I cherished the work and very honored to see in person a master of great art.

Friday, July 15, 2011

New post on Face book

I have been bad on utilizing my blogg, You all have great work I want to share Have done some posting on Face book, love sharing your work.

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Grand Daughter who wants to be an Artist on Colors..

I would like to share my grand-daughter Madilynn whom is only 6 and loves coloring whom also intruduce me into colors aswell.   I got into to color pencils which made me see colors in a different way. My poor baby girl whom broke her arm and could not use her writtin arm (Righter) and we both began using colors made simple.

Keep in mind I colored she helped so much, Thats her on my Bed at grandmas *ME* house.... Just love being a Gma.
   I also found I need to get back into painting again.. Its strange how you lose yourself in a world of colors. I have a hugh project I find within and well share soon...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Landscape Paintings Of Utah Artist.

Took a nice tour of down town Salt Lake City Today.  I found we have several galleries of fine landscape paintings. 

Utah Artist Hands and Williams Fine Art.   Shown such great work of many artist here in the Valley.

The Utah Artist Hands Gallery display many creation from painting to sculptures.  I envies the work they brought out onto canvas.  The one that really caught my eye was M'Lisa Paulsen, thought its not shown on the web site.  She had a painting of such beautiful skies of blues. The colors she created were magnificent.

The Williams Fine Art, was a step beyon my amagination of Utah Artist.  So many wonderful painting and creation by Utahan artist.  I felt very honored to view such great work.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dana's Corner

 I need too move onto Oils soon, I cant seem to move away from acrylics..

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Michael Sass

Viewing Michaels work is a master piece of its very own, his fine details and great color and imagines can make you look deeper.  Love your work.

HeatherBrook Bridge II | Barbara Haviland - Blog

HeatherBrook Bridge II | Barbara Haviland - Blog

Annie Taylor Landscape Painter: New pastures to refresh the imagination

Annie Taylor Landscape Painter: New pastures to refresh the imagination: "We just returned from a wonderful road trip down into the very deep south of Spain as far as Cordoba. Starting out from our home in ..."

Realistic oil and pastel paintings by Susan Sinyai

Realistic oil and pastel paintings by Susan Sinyai

Johnathan Harris Fine Art Blog: Art Gallery sourcing in Chicago

Johnathan Harris Fine Art Blog: Art Gallery sourcing in Chicago

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day

Such brilliant colors!
To: Karl and to all whom protected and followed our flag.
I respect and honor you all men and woman.

We are proud of your service, KVP you have sacrifice so much of your young world.

 This day is in remembered to you and to ALL.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I cant help but find more details to add...

Ive added more since this shot

Well its not the greatest but I am so tiresome of the pines trees, yet I had to finish this painting since its been since Xmas when I started.
I may not be brilliant but I still have the passion to continue my calling.

My husband is also a painter, yet not like my thoughts and imagines but a commercial and industrial painter, for over 35 years I have utialize his profession for personal use updating our home and unique walls, colors like greens which was a master for me to find. :)

Meanwhile he works everyday and enjoys working for a great company called Hendricksen paint Inc.

  Mike Hendricksen has become more then a job position, but a great extention to our family and theirs.

Monday, May 9, 2011

R Geoffrey Blackburn

Mr Blackburn, has painted great scenery here in Utah, he has a history of his very own. I always enjoyed viewing his work.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Colors Of J Harris

How often you lay and look up and can paint it so vividly
When I view Johnathan's work I find so much of my world and desire to create such color and imagine to paint more.
Nature comes to us all, with different ways and view, JH your work makes me find poetry..

I love the details JH creates

And the colors

Need I say more

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Moment

As we do grow older we do get wiser. How often I recall my Mom relaying that old saying:

When Mothers where created a new body formed within them, I didnt know the true depth until I became a mom.  How I now find so many wonderful memories of my mom and I.
Those Moments where she assured her love by a touch of a hand or a kiss.  Giving us knowledge we then thought little yet made such a difference when we grew older.
 I love you mom!

                      Happy Mothers Day to you Moms!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dana Peniata-Park Facebook

I have found face book as a great site, it connects us with each other who we didn't realized we had, like reading others stories and their part of the world.
I took a very good liking to what Linnie Applequist had to say about What makes us the happiest? reading the feed back from FB friends made life's drama easier in ways I didn't think of before.
Yet we find in so many ways enduring everyday life.  Reading about old places Redondo Beach I last remember it. I wish I could be their every time old friends of mine from younger or school days got together. I just wish I could be closer to attend.  Yet I have a wonderful life here and each day brings me even more so to my Happiest.

FaceBook is a great social network which back in the 70's we would of never guess we could experience.  I must be old but I feel wonderful.  Please come find us on Face Book you well enjoy and I would love to share your world with mine.  
Dana Peniata-Park

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Mama......

Trying to find a song about my Mom I can't just pick one, Their are so many songs I use to hear her sing and dance around the house. Back in the late 60-70's you can Imagine all the songs that came across us in those years. Seems like music was a fashion in all ways.

Mom had a white Corviar car and 'boy' did we drive it every where. There was a gas station on PCH, how my mom would Say 50 cents worth! Wow Huh.
I enjoyed listing to the radio stations playing Brenda Lee which was one of her favorites.

Mom always had a sass about herself. I truly loved how she carried herself. She even shown me and my sister Vicky how to do the Locomotion. That was a mom and a girlfriend back then. How we always played songs on our 45's record player..Mom was a Pretty Woman I loved her so.

She was Not a PTA Mom.
Mom didn't take to well when the teachers treated her kids unfair, regardless she always stood behind us.  Heck she taught me how to defend my kids when they too where young. And Oh did I..

Through the years she shared many things and memories in her life. The years being young, a Mom to us all.  How often I called on her for the many questions and emotions I experience. How she was always there.

I use to hear mom sing many songs, It will take much more time then now to share.

I love you Mama, I well never stop missing you and your will always be Unforgettable.

A girlfriend gave me a engraved poem when my mom passed:

If I had just one wish,
It would be for a stairway,
That Reached up to Heaven,
So I could bring you Home..

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MICHAEL BUBLÉ - HOME - (traduzida)

This song finds the depth in me where I never thought I could touch. To my Dad. This Song Home give me the missing I had while growing up, from a divorce family. Yet Dad always knew my heart was with him as his where with mine. I love you Dad.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Edgar Alwyn Payne - Mountain Lake - Approximate Original Size - 25x30 by Edgar Alwyn Payne in Edgar Alwyn Payne

Edgar Alwyn Payne - Mountain Lake - Approximate Original Size - 25x30 by Edgar Alwyn Payne in Edgar Alwyn Payne
I am still working on this piece for over a month ashamed Yes but I can't or I am scared to add those fine looking riped Quakies as a front imagine.. Once the weather allows me I will be right there in from of a live quakie tree..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Johnathan Harris

~ Contemporary landscape painting of the Canadian Rockies on canvas. Evergreen trees in the mountains of Canada. Modern expressionistic landscape painting on canvas. Available as a limited edition fine art print on canvas and paper. ~By Johanthan Harris

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bill Drysdale

Bill Drysdale is an artist,  I cant down load any of his art, so please visit so I dont have to figure out anyother way.

Friday, March 18, 2011

John Paul Godges

 John,               "You've Written a wonderful book"
"Oh Beautiful"
An American Family 20th Century.

Hey RUHS girls where was he? Cause he's cute
Your words come to us yet we don't say them out loud.  
Thank You, 
giving us a window view of what we missed or didnt see clearly.
John, its wonderful how well you can write and express words to all our memories. 
I am sure we all can place ourself right their in those steps you made for your book. 
That's a Wonderful Writer and a Great Author.
Allow me to share apart of me in respect to your geat work.
  Johanthan Harris he has shown me color's and "magic". 
I've never met JHarris, but he has given me "Dreams and Beauty".

Thank you both and All,
for allowing me to share this and too others!
My friends please let me intruduce you to John Godges

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Susan Sinyai

 Susan your work is beautiful, I was viewing your art and I tried to share the many more you have on your site but was not allowed to copy. Susan your work is brillant. Brillant is not a word to express your work.

Susan Sinyai I am honored to share your work.

Charles Rowe Fine Art

 Charles Rowe,

What a fine painter.  When I search for landscape artist
Charles, you show us uninhabited places where we never knew existed.

How wonderful to experience such a deep place of ones own.
We all seldon see these places of dreams let alone know they do exsist yet dont want to tread.

Thank You!

John Rocheleau

Viewing The work of John Rocheleau is like breathing the air around you in such a better way.
 I truly enjoy viewing and seeing your work, I can touch and hear the leaves fall.  Your own words: Painting the British Columbian Landscape is a challenge and a Joy.

This is our joy you have given: