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Friday, November 19, 2010

Nick Andrew Painting

 Nick Andrews painting are electrifying, with color and style.

Nick Andrews paintings are on show in galleries and arts events throughout the UK, for details go to his website.

Micheal Sass Fine Art

Such beautiful blue waters..........

Michael gives more then brilliant painting but great information on his location.  I might not see all these places but by reading most of his details and viewing his painting I know I will not forget everything about each place.   The islands are such a beautiful place.  Here is one of Michael Sass recent work, with more on his website.

I still am amazed of how he can make a painting look so much as a photograph. Michael wife Kathy informed me of an article written on Michael work in International Artist Mag.  here is the link if you like to view and subscribe,

Mount Ruapehu, or just Ruapehu, is an active stratovolcano at the southern end of the Taupo Volcanic Zone in New Zealand. It is 23 kilometres northeast of Ohakune and 40 kilometres southwest of the southern shore of Lake Taupo, within Tongariro National Park. The North Island's major skifields and only glaciers are on its slopes.  Ruapehu is one of the world's most active volcanoes and the largest active volcano in New Zealand. It is the highest point in the North Island and includes three major peaks: Tahurangi (2,797 m), Te Heuheu (2,755 m) and Paretetaitonga (2,751 m). The deep, active crater is between the peaks and fills with a crater lake between major eruptions.

Betty Dalsing

Betty Dalsing, great work. Photos can be nice but when you paint the image it's Unique and very original. Your colors are brilliant.  The scenery is much warm and alive with your technique. I wish I could travel and attend one of your classes, but travel is never an option for me at moments. Betty your work is beautiful.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vivian Olsen

Vivian Olsen an artist of wildlife, birds and landscapes, resides in Bend, Oregon. Vivian paints equally well with watercolor, oils, or pastels, her mastery of these media keeps her artwork varied and fresh. Her subjects include most large birds of the West, as well as scenes of high mountain lakes and rivers, and charming village scenes from places she has visited on painting trips.
Observing the life around her has always been a pastime for Vivian Olsen, first as a child growing up in rural California, and now as an artist roaming the mountains and valleys near her Central Oregon home. These quiet times bring forth the muse from which she draws inspiration for her nature paintings.
Vivian paints animals and birds as she experiences them in the wild - inhabitants of the places she loves to explore. At other times it is the habitat itself which is her focus - rivers, lakes, scenes of the Oregon high country. She captures these subjects in oils, pastel, and watercolor, producing paintings that glow with vibrancy and light.
Vivian began painting and drawing as a child and studied art in college because it was the strongest interest in her life. She has worked as a wildlife illustrator, an art educator at the high school level in New Mexico, and as a professional artist exhibiting and selling her paintings in the Southwest and throughout the nation.
Upon retiring she and her husband relocated to the Northwest where she can now indulge her love of painting as a full time professional artist exhibiting her art in her new environment.
Vivian is an active member of the High Desert Art League, Plein Air Painters of Oregon, Oil Painters of America, Oregon Arts Central, and ArtWise.

Vivian Olsen signature

I see such beauty in her landscape paintings, I surely feel the passion she loves in her gift of creating wildlife.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bonnie's Cozy Corner Stories

Bonnie's work is elegant and beautiful, so colorful and cheerful painting. Her blog posts are even sweeter. I love her writing she can express her feeling and events so well.  You cannot help but feels she is Blessed. Her blog is called Cozy Corner Stories.  I hope you will find the same when visiting her site.

Mr David Merrill a fine Artist

Ms. Georgia O'keeffe

If you ever read or watched a documentary on this woman artist back in the mid 1920's you would be amazed. I often wonder what she would be thinking when confronted with emotional dilemma or when she would paint, Her thoughts are strong, and powerful. I see such a wonderful woman and yet pain as well.  
Back in the 20's lots of things went on toward women, she held her own very very well.

She is a Women of History 

In 1917 she got ill and gave up her job teaching. An artist named Stieglitz asked Georgia to marry him and she decided to. Georgia O'Keeffe became well known for large paintings of flowers and the desert. Until she died at the age of 98, she was still painting.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Annie Taylor

While searching I found Annie's work again, and just realize she is also an illustration artist as well.

Annie Taylor  viewing her great work is refreshing, I still always look forward to her new work as a landscape artist. Or check out Annie Taylor's blog and follow her great work.

Michael Hoza

In my search I found Michael Hoza, a fine artist which you can feel his colors and textures with ease, I love how he made the fields looks so calm and so soft. Please see his work as I did. His work is being shown at Sharon Weiss Gallery.

words are to share expressions and knowledge, but look at the color can words tell us what we really mean.

I really can see this lone highway

        I can see my self looking beyond further then the horizons. can't you?

Michael Statement:
"At Youngstown State and The Ohio State University I studied sociology and philosophy, giving much thought to what might be called the social construction of reality and the ways in which we assign meaning to what we see. This concern for social issues along with an interest in the visual led me into the business of film making. However, as time passed I sensed that my real interest had less to do with narrative and more with trying to understand single moments. That focus on the moment returned me to my childhood love of drawing and painting. As good writing or movie making can condense time (a lifetime, history) a painting can expand time and enrich the experience of a single moment. My paintings are careful considerations of particular moments and places."

Here are a few of Michael"s new work.  His colors are brilliant, and warm.