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Thursday, January 19, 2012

How wonderfuL!

Bill Drysdale Studio
It has been such a great adventure to learn the new way, technology came so fast that I have to remember if I actually missed a subject in High Sch. 

I have learned and grew with the many whom have shared, given me the new wave of Technology of our century.    I am old fashion and yet still feel a new world  of sharing.
      Paint, brushes, canvas. 
One day I entered a keyword.  "Landscape Painting"  How would I've known opening a door, too find such great work at my fingertips. 

A great Photo.
How wonderful this new world made me learn more at my age. Age isnt a matter any more. Its finding the great Art I could never know of.
Barbara Haviland

 Michael Sass
JH fine Paintings
 For you All The Magic you give me and them I know too enjoy me sharing.

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